Freelance Web Development

Final Frontier is a comic book store that has three stores in the South West of England. The requirement was a simple, easy to update site that simply shows where the stores are located, a contact page and a home page that emphasises what Final Frontier do - but will require minimal updating for the users.

The site could and is likely to grow further in the future, but for now it is 3 pages just showing and highlighting the best comic shop chain in Devon & Cornwall. Future updates could include making the site more of a shopping area, where the store(s) could add sale items or special products that are new in. For now though, simple is the key whilst highlighting what they do and where their stores are located. One of the key elements was making the website future proof, with the possible growth of the website in mind. This is where the three main block images came to mind. They don't just add something visually to the website, it also allows for the store chain to add special offers any time they wanted without having an online store; simply upload an image of something new and wonderful that has just come into stock and change the text underneath to read "on sale now: NAME OF PRODUCT". Visitors can then see what's in store and either ring up and reserve, or just nip in and buy it.

It's also really cool to see a website you've created appear on shopping bags.