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KPM Concept

KPM Concept

Before being made redundant, I was tasked with designing and creating the new company website. On the third design, I hit something that ticked all the boxes of a specification that seemed to be ever changing.

The design of the company website at the time I was designing this, was simply not fit for purpose. The website was structured in such a way that make it extremely difficult and time consuming to update, with no opportunity to modify any aspect of the design.

My task to make the website be a source of information about Kawasaki Precision Machinery (KPM) and the products they offer, and had to reflect the corporate image of Kawasaki Heavy Industries (the parent company of KPM). It was important that emphasis was placed on the global nature of the KPM business, whilst also giving sufficient coverage of the local support that KPMUK can provide to European customers.

In terms of functionality the website would serve as a source of information with user interaction limited to contact form submission. Users would be able to download data sheets, drawings and 3D models that they could easily locate depending on which product group they were looking at.

Unfortunately I was made redundant just as I was finishing building, and so without me being there to finish this off an external company was brought in to start from scratch.

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