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The Comic Joint

The Comic Joint, as far as I'm aware, is a unique comic website. The idea behind the site is that it's a mix between a review site and Twitter, as you only have 200 characters with which to make a review. It sounds harsher than it is, but it's easy to do - just look in any magazine with reviews, or posters, and you'll see a mini-review of a film or book. A few words and a star rating, and that's all this site asks for. With such a limited character count, users have to think about what they're going to write, as there's no room to ramble on, and visitors get an idea of whether a comic is good or not.

The search function has two features to it which I enjoyed doing. The idea is to search for a specific comic - you search that comic and all reviews for that comic are listed in the same way that they are shown on the home page. If you search a broad term, then it will list all comics with that term in a more condensed form showing average ratings and clicking through on them gives you the specific search for that comic.

There's future ideas to build in as well, with room for user comments on other users mini-reviews. All will be moderated, just like the mini-reviews published. This way there's no abuse, blatant spoilers and no abuse. Mini-reviews can be posted anonymously or through a user account and there is scope for select accounts to be promoted to assist in moderating reviews and comments.

The colour scheme was a lovely pale yellow to begin with, but after a bit of user testing with a few colours the pastel green was decided upon to provide a relaxed but colourful feel to the site.